Challenge Millésime Bio, the international organic wine competition

Challenge Millésime Bio is the official competition of the international exhibition Millésime Bio. 1,611 organic wines from France and abroad were tasted in 2019.

The jury's tasters come from all over the wine industry (oenologists, sommeliers, wine merchants and enlightened wine lovers).

The next edition of the Challenge Millésime Bio competition will take place on Wednesday 15 January 2020, from 9am to 12pm, at the Montpellier rugby stadium. Registration will be open in early November 2019.

We remind you that the competition is only open to wines must comply with the European organic regulations in force. In-conversion wines are not accepted.

Challenge Millésime Bio in a few words

Challenge Millésime Bio … an organically certified competition ! Challenge Millésime Bio is the official competition of the international trade show, Millésime Bio. More than 1,600 organic wines from France and elsewhere are tasted there.

To take part, each wine must comply with current organic regulations.

Challenge Millésime Bio … trust and credibility guaranteed

The panel of wine-tasters is representative of the entire wine sector (œnologists, wine waiters, wine dealers and informed wine-lovers).

Challenge Millésime Bio … greater visibility and communication

Winning a medal in the Challenge Millésime Bio competition means plenty of visibility for the award-winning wines not only among fellow professionals, but among buyers too.

As every year, the list of winners will be distributed to visitors during the Millésime Bio trade fair and to the press and other media; it will also be published on the Challenge Millésime Bio website.

There will be an area for tasting the winning wines at the 2020 Millésime Bio trade fair, which will be held from 27 to 29 January 2020 at Montpellier Exhibition Centre. This area will be open to all, ensuring greater visibility for the winning wines for the duration of the fair.

Last but not least, the award-winning participants will be entitled to display a medal on their bottles. These can be ordered from our supplier immediately after the competition.

To participate in the 2020 edition of the competition, click HERE