I can't log in to register my products

1. You already have an account

If you have already been a member of the Sudvinbio association or participated in the Millésime Bio fair, you have a MyVitibio account. You can connect via an e-mail address linked to your account.

2. You do not have a MyVitibio account

You have to create an account via the login box. First, you will fill in your contact details and then, once connected, you will have to fill in your company details by clicking on Add a company at the top right of your home page.

3. You are unable to connect to your customer account 

We advise you to use other browsers than Internet Explorer, prefer Google Chrome or Firefox.

Sometimes the connection problems are due to the fact that your cache is full, we advise you to empty your browsing history and to connect again afterwards. 

If you have requested a new password, we advise you not to copy and paste it but to enter it via your keyboard. 

I can't register a product

To register a product, please follow the following procedure: how to register a product to the Challenge Millésime Bio competition

I don't see where to send my samples 

You can find all the information concerning the sending of your samples on our competition website, in the Participant's Area tab: 

I can't find the payment conditions of the competition

You can find information about the participation fee and payment terms on our competition website, in the Participant's Area tab:

Payment must be made at the time of registration by credit card, bank transfer or cheque. Your invoice will be available once we have checked the elements of your file and validated your participation. It will be downloadable on your MyVitibio space.

When will I receive the results of the tasting

The results will be sent by e-mail and will be available on the competition website from 20 January 2023.

Any problem ? Do not hesitate to contact us HERE