Participate in the organic wine competition

The Challenge Millésime BIO 2024  contest will take place in Montpellier on Wednesday 17th and Thursday 18th of January 2024

Prerequisites for participation :

Download Challenge Millesime Bio contest wine rules

Registration of wines in the competition 

Registration is open from November 2 to early  December, 2023. 

Registration for the competition can only be completed online through the MyVitibio platform, and you can find the registration link at the bottom of this page. 

Steps to register online :

If you have previously created a MyVitibio account for registering for the Millésime BIO exhibition or joining Sudvinbio, please note that the first two steps are not required. In this scenario, you only need to log in. 

1. Create a Personal Account 

  - Create a personal account linked to your email address, enabling you to access MyVitibio at any time. 

2. Create a Company Account 

   - Establish a company account and provide all relevant information regarding your participating company. 

3. Wine Registration 

   a. Fill out the online form with details regarding the wine you wish to enter. 

   b. For each wine submitted, upload the mandatory documents to your online space. You can find the comprehensive list of required documents for download below. 

   c. After inputting all your wine entries, click on the "I have finished my registration" button. This step will initiate the file verification process by the competition team. 

   d. Make the participation fee payment using options such as credit card, cheque, or bank transfer. Upon successful verification of your file by the competition team, you will receive an invoice corresponding to your payment. 

Please be aware that wines with incomplete registration files will not be accepted for tasting. 

Download the list of mandatory documents
Registration link

Important information : 

- The maximum number of wines that can be registered per company is limited to 15

- We will restrict the total number of samples. Once this limit is reached, the registration site will be closed to further registrations, even if the deadline of December 1 has not yet been reached. It's advisable to register early, complete all samples in one go, and promptly send in the full participation packages. 

Participation Fees and Payment Methods :  

  - The participation fee for each registered wine is €80 excluding VAT for EU countries outside France and €96 including VAT for France and countries outside the EU. 

 - You can make the registration fee payment through the following methods:  

  - Credit card directly on the registration site. 

 - Bank transfer using the Sudvinbio bank details provided below. 

 - Cheque, payable to Sudvinbio (only for participants from France). 

Download registration fees and terms of payment

Sending samples 

Prepare the packages with the samples

- You must include the wine presentation sheet inside the box. This sheet can be downloaded from your online registration area. 

- For each wine registered, you are required to provide 3 bottles of 75 cl each. These bottles should be labeled. If your wine does not yet have its final label, you can attach the visual of the label from the previous vintage while modifying the relevant information, or use a white label with the cuvée name and the necessary legal information. 

- Please be aware that any wine registered without the minimum number of bottles (3 bottles of 75 cl) will not be presented at the tasting. 

- If your wines are packaged in different bottle sizes, please adhere to the following quantities for each registered wine: 

   - 4 bottles if the wine is packaged in 50 cl 

   - 6 bottles if the wine is packaged in 25 cl 

   - 2 BIBs of a maximum 5 liters each if your wine is packaged in BIB format. 

Dates for receiving samples 

- For wines from vintages prior to 2023: Registration is open from November 2 to December 8, 2023. 

- For wines from the 2023 vintage: Registration is open from November 2 to December 21, 2023. 

Please be aware that this additional registration period is exclusively designated for wines of the 2023 vintage. 

Kindly note that our offices will be closed on December 26, 2023. 

Shipping samples

Before sending your samples, don't forget to attach the wine description sheet which can be downloaded from your online space.

Delivery address for samples :

Challenge Millésime BIO 2024
193 rue Georges Onslow
Lot n°5 - Espace entreprise 

GPS coordinates to be entered for the address:
Latitude: 43.573241011972 / Longitude: 3.861394014145

Our premises are located in a shared office space. PLEASE, do not leave your packages at the reception; instead, deliver them directly to Lot No. 5 labeled Challenge Millésime BIO.

Mobile number to give to the person in charge of the delivery : 06 65 64 43 28 - 

Reception hours 

From 8:30 am to 4 pm, Monday to Friday

For any additional information, you can contact us by email at the following address: or by phone at  06 24 12 80 79 

You can consult our FAQ HERE

Registration link