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Challenge Millesime Bio contest 2019 will take place on 15 January 2019

Introduction to the contest

Challenge Millésime Bio contest is the official contest of Millésime Bio show !
Millésime Bio is becoming increasingly appreciated by visitors as well as exhibitors, the competition enriched samples from regions and countries diversified.
The Challenge Millésime Bio contest has about 380 jury member around 1600 Organic wines from France and abroad.

Challenge Millésime Bio 2020 ...

The date : 15 January 2020 so that vine growers can present the wines of the new vintage.

The place : GGL Stadium in Montpellier ; The Montpellier rugby gladly welcome us in a place of the most unusual but communicates the same values that wine: sharing and conviviality …

Want to join the tasting jury ?

You are professional of wine sector or confirmed wine tasters, so join our jury to elect a ranking from a panel of organic wines from France and abroad.

Our desire is to make winners of the Challenge Millésime Bio contest a guide for buyers and wine consumers. For this, we give much attention to the selection of persons to become a member on the jury to make a pledge of credibility and trust

Program of the contest



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Inter-professional association of organic wines in the Occitanie region.

Millésime Bio

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Challenge Millésime Bio

International organic wine contest of Millésime Bio trade fair.

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